Welcome to the world of the Minihoonies.


Many countries have legends and myths that relate to "little people" who do good deeds, bring good luck and use their mystical powers in extraordinary ways. Finland and Germany have their fairies. References to Wee Willie Winkle, who is a wee fold from Scotland, can be found in literature dating back to 1841. Pixies originated in Western England counties of Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Yorkshire. Perhaps the most famous pixie is Puck from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream that was first published in 1564. The evil goblins of Germany and Austria are counteracted buy the Hobgoblins, who are helpful and well disposed toward men; the Leprechauns of Ireland are widely known for their mischievous ways; and, of course the helpful, hard working elves of the North Pole have been the subject of many stories.

For many centuries people on the islands of Hawaii have reports of being helped in times of trouble and need by mysterious small people who miraculously come to their aid. These small people are called the Menehunes.

The stories and adventures of the Menehunes are rich in tradition and feeling. They are held in the highest esteem by native Hawaiians. Some people have credited the Menuhunes for the extraordinary waterways in the islands and the unusual rock formations. The home colony of the Menuhunes has been a secret place somewhere on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. A local school has adopted the Menehunes as their school mascot.


The Kachlers

Robert and Tim Kachler, creators of the "Minihoonies" have had a love of the Hawaiian Islands and their people for many years. They created the name "Minihoonies", which is phonetically pronounced the same as the Hawaiian work, Menehune. Their word has the advantage of being more easily pronounced, and of course it lends itself better to characterization. They also built all of the family names around either the word mini or the use of the double vowel ("oo") as in the name Miniminnie or the name Too Too Hoonie. They developed the Minihoonies name and family names as a labor of love and respect for the Hawaiian Island and the Hawaiian people.

The Characters

The Kachler's have created a Minihoonie family that embraces all of the traditional characteristics and attributes of the Hawaiian Menehunes and native Hawaiian's Aloha Spirit. The family consists of the mother and father: Mommahoonie and Poppahoonie, the children: Hoot'a, McKool, and Miniminnie, the grandfather: Tootoohoonie, their uncle: the Big Kahoonie, their pets: Captain Crabbie and the Oh-No bird and their Geckohoonie. There are also bad Minihoonies called "Meaniehoonies".

Norman Lee

Norman Lee is president of the Minihoonie Company handling all of the business affairs of the Minihoonies project. Norman is a specialist in start-up companies and international sales. He also specializes in computer program designs and computer-associated media programs.


The Objective

The objective is to establish the commercial names and characters, then to build on that base an international image and reputation for the Minihoonies that will last for many years to come. It is the company's intent that this image will be one of quality and values and that the story lines will be supportive of the good values in our society.


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