Welcome to the world of the Minihoonies.

What are Minihoonies?

Many countries have legends and myths that relate to "little people" who do good deeds, bring good luck and use their mystical powers in extraordinary ways. Finland and Germany have their fairies. References to Wee Willie Winkle, who is a wee fold from Scotland, can be found in literature dating back to 1841. Pixies originated in Western England counties of Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Yorkshire. Perhaps the most famous pixie is Puck from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream that was first published in 1564. The evil goblins of Germany and Austria are counteracted buy the Hobgoblins, who are helpful and well disposed toward men; the Leprechauns of Ireland are widely known for their mischievous ways; and, of course the helpful, hard working elves of the North Pole have been the subject of many stories.


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